Autumn fair

Went out this weekend without any purpose in our minds. We only knew that we wanted to be outside, in the sun. Fortunately, we found a lively atmosphere in Izvor, where an autumn fair was held.bucwalk

Everybody was enjoying the fresh grape juices and wines, while saving some of it for later.bucwalk-10


Choosing the perfect meat to complement your wine can make the meal much more enjoyable. Or was it the other way around?!bucwalk-21




After solar charging our batteries, we went up the hill to visit a different sort of autumn fair, one that offered a less authentic experience, the Wine & Street food Festival. sdr

Here, jazzy, laid back vibes were the norm. sdr


Outside, the fortress.bucwalk-37

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, I was glad to be at Maneca din Canepa‘s first Hemp Conference. While taking a few shots I also found out a lot of new and intriguing facts about the industrial hemp. Apart from cannabis coffee (drool below), there’s a ton of other uses of hemp in clothing, cooking or building materials.

hemp coffee

Between the panels, I strolled a bit around the neighborhood to get a glimpse of the weekend vibes. reader

blue Volkswagen van

yellow city bikes

dark blue motorcycle

lost tourists

As usual, there were cats at every corner. I’m starting to believe that Bucharest is becoming more and more of a cat city. Not their biggest fan, but I have to appreciate their availability and posing skills. green eyed cat

not amused cat

Right next to the many pharmacies, banks, betting shops and cats, there’s lots of pastry shops. pastry shop

At the end of the day, I found Unirii metro station more crowded than usual. People were coming back from another one of the mayor’s free events. metro bike

old couple holding hands